Sanford Schulwolf

  • "Challenging location? Real-people talent? Compressed timeline? No Problem! Sanford took every challenge we threw at him and made it work. With a limited timeline and a steadily growing shot list Sanford was still able to over deliver. I'd hire him again and again."
  • — Billy Snelson, was Sanford's client
  • "Sanford gives above and beyond. He has a great work ethic and creative eye. When we worked together he produced a multi-image shoot that was difficult creatively and with a lot of client input. He handled it with patience and was able to elevate the quality and creativity of the images on the fly."
  • — Derrit DeRouen, was Sanford's client
  • "Sanford is very professional and easy to work with. He made sure that my project was completed to my complete satisfaction and on time—his photos were exactly what I needed. More than anything I really appreciate the time and effort he put into the project that felt more like a collaboration. I highly recommend Sanford and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."
  • — Patricia Zapata, was Sanford's client
  • "Sanford is a true professional, does what it takes to make his clients happy and provides solutions to complicated problems. He delivers images on time and I can always count on him."
  • — Will Shaw, was Sanford's client
  • "Sanford is not only a technically great photographer-- he is very conceptual. It's hard to find someone with that balance. Plus, he's easy to get along with. If you're not completely sure about the photos you want, he would be the right person to collaborate with."
  • — Susan Kim, creative director,
  • Sanford at Sanford Schulwolf Photographer
  • "Great planning, great shots, great attitude, and great execution all around!"
  • — Henery Mazaleski

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